Social Media Management

social media management

Let’s Get Social!

We create social buzz around your company, and engage your audience to establish your brand as a recognized and trusted business in your industry. We’ve developed a proven social media management system that controls all your social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google +, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Pinterest.

 Facebook has 1.3 billion active users, 680 million of those being mobile users, and 325 million users in the US. Nearly 50% of all users log on Facebook every single day. Likewise, Instagram isn’t just a social network for selfies and foodie pics. In fact, Instagram has a whopping 600 million active users, and growing daily! What do all these big numbers mean? Your customers are on social media. Now, it’s time for you to go get them!

Why Social Media?

  • Target your core demographic with ads to reach your specific target audience.
  • Dramatically drive more traffic. Drive more people to your site, with engagements on your social post
  • Improve your sites ranking in google. When executed correctly, your optimized social platforms will boost your search engine ranking, and offer you increased backlinks, social bookmarking, and all the benefits of effective SEO done right!
  • Dramatically expand your reach as you grow your network with quality contacts, friends and likes.
  • Increase customer advocacy, word of mouth marketing and overall loyalty. When you use social media effectively you now have a powerful tool to create enthusiastic brand advocates who spread the word about you and your business.
  • Monitor your brand image and get valuable insights. Social media puts you on the frontlines of your brand. When you know what to look for, you can efficiently and easily use social platforms as a brand reputation management system.

In a world where visual content remains one of the most crucial part of a businesses marketing strategy, social media presents a unique opportunity to visually represent your company, celebrate it’s success and keep it on the forefront of prospective customers mind as they scroll their social network news feeds every single day!

How Does Social Media Increase my Sites Rankings in Google?

How Social Signals Impact Search Engine Rankings
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout